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Advanced Technology

One of the things that sets Sound Smiles Dental apart from other dental practices in the Bainbridge Island area is that we always keep ourselves up to date with the latest technology available in the field of dentistry. This allows us to provide a more effective and comfortable dental experience to our patients.

Many of the devices and procedures offered by Sounds Smiles Dental you just won’t find everywhere else, such as:

CariVu makes it easy to detect dental problemsDigital X-Rays

Taking x-rays is necessary to properly evaluate a patient’s oral health situation.

The problem with x-rays is that they expose patients to a small amount of radiation – but even a “small amount” of radiation sounds scary to a lot of patients, and there are indeed some reasonable concerns about how the radiation from a dental x-ray affects one’s health.

According to Dentistry Today, digital x-rays produce 3 to 4 times less radiation than traditional x-rays.

Also, digital x-rays are far more comfortable than conventional x-rays. With conventional x-rays, you have to fit large, uncomfortable bitewings in your mouth, and biting down on them can give patients toothaches and jaw pain. Some patients even report receiving small cuts from bitewings.

With digital x-rays, you don’t have to put any bulky bitewings in your mouth – just a thin wire that’s connected to a small sensor. It’s much less intrusive.


The sooner we can detect a problem with a tooth, the sooner we’ll be able to fix it and prevent the problem from developing into an even worse (read: more painful and expensive) issue.

The CariVu is a small, portable device that bathes teeth in near-infrared light, making enamel translucent. This makes it easy to identify cavities, cracks, and other forms of structural damage.

Paperless Charting

By going paperless and using digital records, our office saves itself a lot of time and money.

Paperless charting provides our patients with many benefits as well: it makes our records more secure, it allows us to reduce wait times, and it gives us more money to invest in top-of-the-line devices like those listed above.

mouth-guards-bainbridge-waProfessional-Grade Night Guards

Bruxism (teeth grinding) is a serious problem. Symptoms include tooth damage, jaw pain, and high-powered headaches. We offer professional-grade night guards so that our patients can control their grinding and minimize their symptoms as much as possible.

If you have any questions about dental technology, feel free to contact us and ask.

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