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At Sound Smiles Dental, we offer both full and partial dentures. Our affordable, high-quality denture options include custom dentures made to fit your mouth. These dentures are a natural-looking and comfortable solution for missing teeth.

Dentures improve the look of your smile, while also making it easier to speak and eat. They also provide support for your facial structure to prevent sagging skin and provide a youthful, healthy appearance.

These aren’t your grandmother’s dentures

Fifty years ago, dentures were awkward and obvious. They would slip when the wearer spoke or ate, and they had an unnatural look. Fortunately, today’s denture wearers don’t need to worry about slippage or about people noticing they have “false teeth,” thanks to advancements in dental technology.

The modern denture technology we use allows a precise fit and uses natural looking materials to craft dentures that are as attractive as they are functional. There are also many options for today’s dental prosthetics, including partial dentures to fill small gaps and dentures that attach to dental implants for a more secure restoration.

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Partial dentures

If you have several missing teeth, partial dentures are an affordable and practical choice to fill the gaps in your smile. Also called a removable dental bridge, partial dentures are connected by a metal framework, similar to a retainer, that keeps them from moving around inside the mouth.

Implant-affixed dentures

Another type of denture solution is implant-secured dentures, which attach to your gums using dental implants. Once an implant is inserted into the gums, we can attach a full or partial denture set that snaps into the implant. While these dentures are still removable, with this type of denture, your teeth are less likely to shift or slip during normal actions like eating and talking.

Regain your confidence with a new smile

Having gaps in your mouth jeopardizes both your self esteem as well as the health of your remaining teeth. We can’t wait to help you regain your confidence and your oral health with the return of your happy smile. Contact us to learn about our different options for full and partial dentures, or to discuss whether dentures or dental implants are a better solution for you.

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