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5 Surprising Health Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are permanent artificial teeth that replace missing or extracted teeth. An alternative to bridges and dentures, implants appear and function just like your natural teeth. You may be surprised to learn, however, there are many health benefits of dental implants and that they are not just cosmetic dentistry solutions. Read on to learn […]

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5 Early Warning Signs and Symptoms of Gingivitis

Have you ever wondered, “What are the signs of gingivitis?” Gingivitis is the earliest stage of gum disease. The early signs of gingivitis can be mild, but it is important to watch out for these symptoms. Without proper treatment, gingivitis can progress to advanced periodontal disease, which can cause you to lose your teeth. Here […]

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Are Tooth Extractions Painful?

You might imagine that a tooth extraction would be painful, as it is a pretty serious dental procedure that involves blood and sharp tools. But don’t let these things scare you — tooth extractions are actually nothing to fear. In fact, they will often put an end to whatever dental pain you are currently experiencing. […]

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